I was born in 1987 in Nantes (France), near the banks of the Loire River and not far from the Atlantic Ocean, to a French mother and to an Uruguayan father.

When I was 13, I started photography on a « Nikkormat » reflex film camera, capturing my everyday life in a very instinctive way, and I discovered with excitement the infinite possibilities of the digital picture on Photoshop as a self-taught. After high-school, I studied French and Comparative Literature at the University of Nantes during 4 years ; I wrote a thesis about the adaptations of a tale by Edgar Poe to movies and comic strips : “Les chutes de la maison Usher : étude du motif de la chute dans le conte d’Edgar Allan Poe et dans ses adaptations au cinéma (Jean Epstein, Jan Švankmajer, Alexandre Astruc) et en bande dessinée (Dino Battaglia, Richard Corben, Nicolas Guillaume)”.

In 2008, I began studying photography and cinematography at the University of Vincennes – Paris 8. I made several internships with photographers (including Youri LENQUETTE) and I began to work as a photographer (above all event and promotion photography). In 2010, I moved to Brussels, where I studied at the INSAS Public Film School. Specialized in Cinematography, I studied theorie and technic, made many interships in several equipment rental compagnies and in post-production companies. My final thesis, supervised by Yves CAPE (SBC, AFC), was about “light cinematography” : “Pour une photographie de cinéma légère : Quand la technique s’efface pour plus de liberté de mise en scène”, with exclusive interviews of famous directors of photography (Agnès GODARD, Caroline CHAMPETIER, Claire MATHON, Yves CAPE, Tom HARARI), gaffers (Bruno VERSTRAETE), camera assistants (Didier FRATEUR) and directors (Cédric KAHN).

After working on professional sets as a camera assistant, I have specialized in post-production and color grading. In 2017, I worked in the famous Studio L’Equipe as a Digital Imaging Technician (dailies, conformation, assistant colorist, mastering, quality control…). Since October 2018  and still today, I’m also in charge of post-production in the film production company Hélicotronc which produced since 2002 more than 60 shorts and 20 feature movies, including numerous shorts awarded and/or nominated at prestigious international festivals (recently : IcareMatriochkas, Je serai parmi les amandiers…), features (recently : Une Vie Démente, Le Coeur Noir des Forêts…), documentaries and TV shows such as La Trêve.

At the same time, I develop my activity as a color grader, for all types of production, working in studios or on my own calibration station (which is based in Wallonia and eligible to the FWB, to the Tax-Shelter and to Wallimage), for all kind of projects (short or feature films, fictions or documentaries, capsules and TV series)… I notably have I had the chance to work on documentaries directed by renowned directors such as My Name is Clitoris  by Lisa BILLUART-MONET and Daphné LEBLOND (that won the Magritte 2020 for Best Documentary), Le Prix de la Déraison  by Safia KESSAS or Overseas  by Sung-A YOON , as well as on projects directed by renowned directors (such as Nicolas BOUCART or Laurent SCHEID for cinema, or Frédéric RICHE for TV). I have also developed a collaboration with some young operators (such as Lisa WILLAME) who regularly share their images with me.

Now, I continue working as a photographer (especially for events), as a cinematographer (especially for documentary, small-crew fictions and stop-motion movies), and above all as a color grader and as a post-production supervisor or technician. I also has several personal photography and documentary projects. I consider that this variety of professional activities allow me to keep exercising my eye in various ways ; it also participates to my intellectual and personal growth and to the pleasure I find in my work.


This variety of professional activities allow me to keep exercising my eye in various ways. It also participates to my intellectual and personal growth and to the pleasure I find in my work.