Photography: Art, Craft, Industry & Services

Bertrand Gaillard's Diatonic Accordions

Promotional photography for the famous diatonic accordions maker Bertrand Gaillard – Nantes, 2010 & 2015

A dressing by Nicolas Vial & John Rivoux

Promotional photography of a dressing created by the carpenters Nicolas Vial & John Rivoux – Brussels, 2018

A Meditation Class by the Teacher Camille Guégan

Promotional Photography for the Meditation Teacher Camille Guégan – Parc d’Egmont, Brussels, 2018

"Networkshop" : a class by Marie Mervaillie & Camille Labro-Méler

Event & Promotional Photography of a Screen Printing Class given by the designers Marie Merveille & Camille Labro-Méler – Brussels, 2015

Creations by Clara Gaillard, Maroquinier & cabinet maker

Hôtel Paris Saint-Honoré

Promotional photography for the Hôtel Paris Saint-Honoré – Paris, 2010

The Birth of a Puppet, by Camille Labro-Méler

Promotional photography for the sculptor & costume designer Camille Labro-Méler – Brussels, 2014

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