In Mundo / Ex Mundo (Louise Gagnevin, 2016)

  • With Lucile Charnier & François Gillerot
  • Written & directed by Jean-Baptiste Barra, Jeanne Cousseau, Louise Gagnevin, Clément Lemaou, Laura Perera San Martín & Léopold Verreman
  • Written by Jeanne Cousseau, adapted from “The World she Wanted” by Philip K Dick’s 
  • Directed by Louise Gagnevin
  • Produced by ESAD Valenciennes, with the support of Atelier de réalisation Bruxelles
  • Cinematography & Color Grading : Laura Perera San Martín
  • Camera Assistant : Charlotte Bohn
  • Gaffer : Tom Gineyts
  • Set design : Maïa Anastassiou
  • Sound : Edit Herregods
  • Editing : Oscar Dupagne
  • Post-production : Laura Perera San Martín, Oscar Dupagne & Léo Guillaume
  • Sound Spatialization : Aspic Technologies

« In Mundo / Ex Mundo » is an immersive fiction for two spectators placed in a closed set with two helmets VR and audio, a journey between reality and fiction.

The script is inspired by the Phillip K Dick’s short story « The World she wanted ».

Stan, age 27, is having a coffee in his usual bar. Juliette, age 25, arrives, seems to know him and takes him in a strange world, which she considers beeing hers, where everything is made only for the happiness … Funny trip in perspective!