"L'éveil du printemps"
Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles (2018)

With :

  • Nadège Cathelineau
  • Romain Cinter
  • Thomas Dubot
  • Julien Frege
  • Amandine Laval
  • Nicolas Luçon
  • Florence Minder
  • Julie Rens
  • Sophie Sénécaut
  • Lode Thiery
  • Sacha Vovk
  • Judith Williquet
  • Uiko Watanabe
  • A theater representation staged by Armel Roussel
  • A performing video directed by Julien Bechara and produced by Ozango (Belgium, 2018)
  • My function : Director of Photography & Camera Operator

L’éveil du printemps, c’est dans une petite ville de province à la morale oppressante, la poussée de sève d’une douzaine d’adolescents qui s’ouvrent à la sexualité, à ses emballements, à ses angoisses, et qui se heurtent au mur de répression, d’interdits et de tabous érigé par le monde adulte. (…) Voici vingt-quatre ans que ce texte écrit en 1891 par l’auteur de Lulu, hante la table de nuit d’Armel Roussel. (…) Plutôt que la touffeur de maisons bourgeoises, il a opté pour l’évocation du plein air : une fête populaire, sur une place
publique de village, là où, les soirs de bal, les langues se délient, les désirs s’abandonnent, et naissent les cancans.

"J'abandonne une partie de moi que j'adapte"
Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles (2017)

  • With : Rémi Faure, Benjamin Lichou, Jules Puibaraud et Léa Romagny
  • A theater representation staged by Justine Lequette
  • A performing video directed by Julien Bechara and produced by Ozango / RTBF (Belgium, 2017)
  • My function : Camera Operator

"J'habitais une petite maison sans grâce, j'aimais le boudin"
Théâtre de Namur (2017)

  • With : Claire Bodson, Philippe Jeusette & Eric Ronsse
  • A theater representation staged by Philippe Jeusette & Virginie Thirion (from “Spoutnik” by Jean-Marie Piemme)
  • A performing video directed by Julien Bechara and produced by RTBF (Belgium, 2017)
  • My function : Camera Operator (DOP : Pierrot Jasmin)

In the style of Proust’s “madeleine”, “J’habitais une petite maison sans grâce, j’aimais le boudin”plunges us into the rough, funny and warm childhood memories of a little boy who grew up under the foggy sky of the steel mills from the basin of Liège.

"Le Dire des forêts"
Théâtre des Rideaux (2017)

  • With : Anne-Claire, Jean-Luc Piraux, Philippe Vauchel, and the musicians Didier Laloy & Jonathan De Neck
  • A theater representation staged by Philippe Vauchel
  • A performing video directed by Gilles-Ivean Frankignoul and produced by Playtime Films (Belgium)
  • My function : Camera Operator
  • Teaser directed by Julien Mus

A forest. In border of the world. In the border of the Big Empty Space. Confined on this plot of land of humus and sap, a public, three comedians, a musician. For a strange evening… Populated of typical, mythical, epic, of comic and cosmic.
We shall hear the solitude of stones, mushrooms, caterpillars, deers, wild boars, men, women…
Silences, laughter, shouts and gesticulations will greet on it the derisory grace to be temporarily. At the end of the night, it will doubtless be necessary to live with it… A reason for being?

Lizzie Borden presenting "Born in Flames"
Cinematek (2017)

  • The movie presentation of “Born in flames” by Lizzie Borden (United States, 1983)
  • A performing video directed by myself and produced by Cinematek (Belgium, 2017)
  • With Lizzie Borden & Stoffel Debuysere
  • My function : Camera & Sound Operator, Editor

"Jeanne et le orange et le désordre"
Centre culturel Jacques Franck (2017)

  • Written, staged and interpretated by Louise Emö
  • With the help of Clément Longueville & Emmanuel de Candido
  • Produced by Habemus papam / LaParoleAuCentre
  • With the support of Centre culturel Jacques Franck (Bruxelles) / Mairie de Rouen / ODIA

Theatrical slam with two microphones. Jeanne : an attempt of language, division of the world left by the word of a woman out of touch, which has to rename everything with enjoyment and not without difficulty.

"Money !"
Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles (2017)

  • Jérôme de Falloise
  • Benoît Piret
  • Aude Ruyter
  • Damien Trapletti
  • Written by Françoise Bloch, Jérôme de Falloise, Benoît Piret, Aude Ruyter et Damien Trapletti
  • A theater representation staged by Françoise Bloch / Zoo Théâtre
  • Performing video directed by Julien Bechara and produced by Ozango Productions (Belgium, 2017)
  • Director of Photography : Sylvain Sechet
  • My function : Camera Operator

All that you will never know about the money because nobody will tell it yo you and moreover it is better not to know, because if we knew, it would be worse…

"Ceux que j'ai rencontrés ne m'ont peut-être pas vu"
Théâtre National Wallonie Bruxelles (2016)

  • Staged by Nimis Group (David Botbol, Romain David, Jérôme de Falloise, Yaël Steinmann, Anne-Sophie Sterck, Sarah Testa et Anja Tillberg)
  • Written & interpretated by NIMIS Groupe, Jeddou Abdel Wahab, Samuel Banen-Mbih, Dominique Bela, Tiguidanké Diallo, Hervé Durand Botnem et Olga Tshiyuka
  • Performing video directed by Olivier Moser and produced by Calicot Productions (France / Belgium, 2016)
  • Director of Photography : Florence Levasseur
  • My function : Camera Operator
When thousands of people die every year near the fortress Europe, Nimis Groupe embarks us on a dreamlike, hard-hitting and profoundly human journey !
Through the real-life experience of a young woman, just like so many others, who one day left everything to join the El Dorado Europe, the play makes us live the crossing of these beings deprived of the right to live.

"Batard Festival" 2015 - Beursschouwburg (2015)

Here’s the 1st of 6 performing videos for Batard Festival 2015 :

  • “The Breakfast Club” (Bryana Fritz & Christoffer Schieche)
  • “Lolling and rolling” (Jaha Koo)
  • “The Piece Concerning the Question of Purposefulness” (Tillman Aumüller, Christopher Krause, Arne Salasse & Ruth Schmidt (Scripted reality)
  • “Salut Copain” (Dounia Mahammed)
  • “Loie Fuller: Research” (Ola Maciejewska)
  • “Schichten” (Dittrich Frydetzki, Dreit, Flegel, Froelicher, Grief, Melzer & Worpenberg

"Lighthouse Projet : EPK minimaliste" (2013)

Extracts of the concert proposed in the “Nocturnes du conservatoire royal de Bruxelles” on the 03rd of december 2013.

  • Steve Reich: Double
  • Sextet Terry Riley: In C
  • Flute: Lucile Mathieu, Renata Kambarova
  • Clarinette: Charlotte Comblain, Juliette Donadieu
  • Violon: Lucile Buffet, Mireille Kovac
  • Violoncelle: Ian-Elfinn Rosiu, Astrid Wauters
  • Piano: Isis Larrère, Marie Dumont
  • Vibraphone: Anthony Herin, Bohye Kim