"Les Papillons de nuit meurent aussi" (Jeanne Cousseau, 2018)

This video was made to be integrated in the theater play Les papillons de nuit meurent aussi (written and staged by Jean-Louis Cousseau, 2018). Thise play is about Pannonica de Koenigswarter, scion of the Rothschild family and famous jazz patron in the United States during the 50-60’s.

An actress and 3 musicians launch into a suite of variations inspired by Pannonica de Koenigswarter’s life. On the background of projections photo and video, the four artists create various forms of exchanges between words and musics; between past and present, also. Because beyond the testimony on the one that we called “the Baroness of the jazz”, this musical play is about the world of today, about the fragile place of the artistic creation in the contemporary society, about the necessity of being oneself.

About the theater company Quelqu’unshttps://www.quelquuns.org

About the teather play Les Papillons de nuit rêvent aussihttp://www.vendee-premieres.fr/evenement/papillons-de-nuit-revent-2/

Duo Vo'Cello

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Dominique Pifarély's "Time Before & Time After" (J. Cousseau, 2015)

  • With Dominique Pifary (cellist) & Simon Vialle (little finger-man)
  • Director : Jeanne Cousseau
  • Production : Dominique Pifarély
  • Cinematography & Color Grading : Laura Perera San Martín
  • Musique : Dominique Pifarély

New disc from Dominique Pifarély – violon solo : Time Before and Time After.
ECM Records – Archipels – Cie Dominique Pifarély : http://pifarely.net