"Sous le cartilage des côtes" (Bruno Tondeur, 2018)

  • Director : Bruno Tondeur (member of the Studio TABASS co)
  • Production : Take Five / Autour de Minuit / Schmuby Productions
  • Cinematography (stop-motion sequences) : Laura Perera San Martín
  • Sound : Pierre Slinck

Pierrot has a wound that won’t heal. It’s the story of a guy who’s about to die… maybe.

"Les Papillons de nuit rêvent aussi" (Jeanne Cousseau, 2018)

This video was made to be integrated in the theater play Les papillons de nuit meurent aussi (written and staged by Jean-Louis Cousseau, 2018). Thise play is about Pannonica de Koenigswarter, scion of the Rothschild family and famous jazz patron in the United States during the 50-60’s.

An actress and 3 musicians launch into a suite of variations inspired by Pannonica de Koenigswarter’s life. On the background of projections photo and video, the four artists create various forms of exchanges between words and musics; between past and present, also. Because beyond the testimony on the one that we called “the Baroness of the jazz”, this musical play is about the world of today, about the fragile place of the artistic creation in the contemporary society, about the necessity of being oneself.

About the theater company Quelqu’unshttps://www.quelquuns.org

About the teather play Les Papillons de nuit rêvent aussihttp://www.vendee-premieres.fr/evenement/papillons-de-nuit-revent-2/

"Projection sur canapé" (Violette Delvoye, 2017)

  • Director & Animator : Violette Delvoye
  • Production : ENSAV – Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Visuels de La Cambre
  • Cinematography & Color Grading : Laura Perera San Martín

Tonight it’s movie night at home. After the film ends, Lucie and Manu spark up a conversation about the idea of travelling. Over cigarettes and glasses of wine, they share their desires, needs and expectations.

  • Festival international du film d’animation de Bruxelles “Anima” (Belgium 2017)
  • Festival international du film d’animation d’Annecy (France, 2017)
  • Festival International du Film d’Aubagne
  • Festival “Un Poing c’est court” de Vaulx-en-Velin (France, 2018)

"Pavillon n° 7" (Jeanne Cousseau, 2016)

  • Jean-Louis Cousseau
  • Stéphanie Goemaere
  • Jenna Hasse
  • Adrien Letartre
  • Catherine Mestoussis
  • Simon Vialle
  • Director & Screenwriter : Jeanne Cousseau
  • Production : INSAS / Atelier de réalisation
  • Cinematography : Laura Perera San Martín
  • Camera : Charlotte Bohn
  • Color Grading : Maxime Tellier
  • Sound : Vivien Mertz
  • Set design : Maïa Anastassiou
  • Editing : Romain Waterlot

Pierre is an intern in the Experimental Psychology Center. He regularly visits the family he observes. The five occupants of the pavilion remain still, as parts of tableaux vivants Pierre has to decipher.

Selections :

  • VGIK International Student Film Festival (Moscow, 2017)
  • Eureka Festival Universitario de Cine de Bogota (Chile, 2018)

"Papiers d'Arménie" (Ornella Macchia, 2016)

  • With Puzant Sayat Toruslu
  • Director & Animator : Ornella Macchia
  • Production : ENSAV – Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Visuels de La Cambre
  • Cinematography & Color Grading : Laura Perera San Martín
  • Sound : Benoît Charron

At the market of Yerevan, in Armenia, a merchant invites us to share his fruits and his history…

Prices :

  • Anim!Arte – 12th International Student Animation Festival of Brazil
    World Cultures (2nd place, 2015)
  • Audience Award of the Transmission video art price “The Golden Pyramid” – Karlsruhe Germania
  • Prix Serge Daney de la diffusion – Paris
  • Prix du Jury PIAFF16 Festival International du Film d’animation de Paris, France
  • … and many more


  • ANNECY Festival international du film d’animation
  • Animateka
  • Reanimania
  • MONSTRA – Lisbon Animated Film Festival
  • Brussel Short Film Festival (BSFF)
    -IN.S.A.N.E. animation film festival
    -BeThere!Corfu Animation
  • … and many more

"Torpeur" (Laura Perera San Martín, 2016)

  • With Paola di Bella and the voice of Jeanne Cousseau
  • Production : INSAS
  • Direction and Cinematography:  Laura Perera San Martín
  • Color Grading : Benoît Delval (Cinélab)
  • Sound : Jeanne Cousseau

Pénombre tardive du matin.
Plis nombreux des draps froissés, plis de peau, empreintes en creux des irrégularités éphémères du tissu.
Effluves âcres et sucrés des fins de nuits partagées…”
(Text by Jeanne Cousseau)

"Regain" (Carline Albert, 2016)

  • Christelle Cornil
  • Anne-Marie Loop
  • Lucy Boulet-Desbarau

Margot and her mother are going to visit Marthe, the grandmother breeder of dairy cows. Both adults seem to worry only about what is going to take place tomorrow. For her part, Margot, observes and learns…

Prices :

  • Audience Award – 14th ISFVF (Beijing, China, 2015)

Selections :

  • Festival Elles Tournent (Bruxelles, Belgique, 2016)
  • Festival Le Jour le Plus Court (France, 2016)
  • Festival Un poing c’est court (Vaulx-en-Velin, France)
  • … and more

"Julia" (Nicolas Catz, 2015)

  • With Denis Bechoux & Stéphanie Goemaere
  • Direction & Production : Nicolas Catz
  • Cinematography & Color Grading : Laura Perera San Martín
  • Camera : Laura Perera San Martín & Tom Gineyts

A desert place at night. Sitting on a swing, a dreamer tells a story to his voice recorder… He saves Julia, a young woman waiting for her first love, Yvan. The dreamer offers Julia to find him…
Adapted from Fiodor Dostoïevski’s White nights

Prices :

  • 2nd “Actress of the Month” – 12 Month Film Festival (2016)

Selections :

  • Festival “Infancia y adolescencia” de Bogotá (Colombia, 2016)
  • Les Saisons Parisiennes (France, 2017)
  • 6th Pachuca Film Festival (2017)

On the director’s website : https://www.nicolascatz.com/julia

"Un peu d'écume autour des Vagues" (J. Cousseau, in post-production)

  • Jean-Louis Cousseau
  • Stéphanie Goemaere
  • Jenna Hasse
  • Mathieu Huvelin
  • Marie-Ange Lelli
  • Adrien Letartre
  • Written & Directed by Jeanne Cousseau
  • Produced by Maxime Roy – Collectif COMET
  • Cinematography : Maxime Fuhrer, Tom Gineyts, Jean-François “Jeff” Pauly, Laura Perera San Martín
  • Sound : Margaux Robin
  • Script Supervisor : Annaëlle Simonet
  • Editing : Théophile Gay-Mazas

On the crowdfunding website Ulule https://fr.ulule.com/les_vagues/


On the Collectif COMET’s website http://collectifcomet.com/