"Mon Nom est Clitoris" (Lisa Billuart & Daphné Leblond, 2018)

  • Director : Lisa Billuart Monet & Daphné Leblond
  • Cinematography :
    Lisa Billuart Monet
  • Sound : Daphné Leblond
  • Editing : Montage Lydie Whisshaupt-Claudel
  • Sound editing & mixing : Pierre Dozin
  • Color grading : Laura Perera San Martin
  • Music : Thibaud Lalanne

This documentary film is a dialogue between young women about female sexuality. With a freedom, courage and humor, they share their experience and stories in the will to change the world around them and to assert the right of women to an informed sexual education, delivered of constraints and taboos.

On Iota Production Website : https://www.iotaproduction.be/film/monnomestclitoris/

"Papiers d"Arménie" (Ornella Macchia, 2016)

  • With Puzant Sayat Toruslu
  • Director & Animator : Ornella Macchia
  • Production : ENSAV – Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Visuels de La Cambre
  • Cinematography & Color Grading : Laura Perera San Martín
  • Sound : Benoît Charron

At the market of Yerevan, in Armenia, a merchant invites us to share his fruits and his history…

Prices :

  • Anim!Arte – 12th International Student Animation Festival of Brazil
    World Cultures (2nd place, 2015)
  • Audience Award of the Transmission video art price « The Golden Pyramid » – Karlsruhe Germania
  • Prix Serge Daney de la diffusion – Paris
  • Prix du Jury PIAFF16 Festival International du Film d’animation de Paris, France
  • … and many more


  • ANNECY Festival international du film d’animation
  • Animateka
  • Reanimania
  • MONSTRA – Lisbon Animated Film Festival
  • Brussel Short Film Festival (BSFF)
    -IN.S.A.N.E. animation film festival
    -BeThere!Corfu Animation
  • … and many more

"The Girl & The Dog" (Oksana Kazmina, 2015)

  • Director : Oksana Kazmina
  • Production : 5/5 Festival La Louvière en documentaire & Dragone Productions
  • Cinematography, Compositing & Color Grading : Laura Perera San Martín
  • Sound : Antoine Dassonville
  • Editing : Annaëlle Simonet
  • With Bahia Toffolo, Fabienne Bernard, Francky Thigs, Joëlle Dugailly

The dreamlike journey of a girl from Ukraine, which meets giants, passionate people, dog and girl and her grandmother in La Louvière (Belgium).

"Tactil'Animation" (Anton Henne, 2015)

  • Production : Anton Henne / ERG
  • Cinematography & Color Grading : Laura Perera San Martín
  • Sound : Benoît Charron

This documentary is about the project “Tactilanimation”, which aims to realize a medium of tactile expression, through the creation of a tactile animation movie. This tactile animation movie could allow a blind or a visual-impaired person to feel a history based mainly on the sense of touch, with a sound support.

"Lettre à un petit nuage du Royaume de Belgique" (J. Cousseau, 2015)

  • Director & Sound : Jeanne Cousseau
  • Production : INSAS / LUCA-School of Arts / Beijing Film Academy.
  • Cinematography : Laura Perera San Martín
  • Color Grading : Maxime Tellier
  • Editing : Léo Guillaume
  • With the voices of Monica Cheng Liu & Jeanne Cousseau

Travelling in Beijing, a young cloud fells accidently in the misty sky of a chinese painting. He takes us in his path of willows and small waves, of pointed roofs and naked branches, through vertical shots with an uncluttered composition. Crossing a stream, he exchanges poems and laughs with a charming breeze.

"Salle 201, Esquisses" (Jeanne Cousseau, 2014)

  • Elsa Guénot
  • Paola Di Bella
  • Director : Jeanne Cousseau
  • Production : INSAS
  • Cinematography & Color Grading : Laura Perera San Martín
  • Sound : Benoit Charron
  • Editing: Margot Dumont
In front of the camera, they are two. They dance, they laugh, they rail. Behind the camera, they are three. It is a game between the five, sometimes hard, sometimes soft.
This student movie is the fruit of an intense collaboration with all the cast & crew, together. It is a research work, motivated by the desire of trying and experimentating.

"Loin des yeux, près des mains" (Laura Perera San Martín, 2012)

  • Director & Editor : Laura Perera San Martín
  • Production : INSAS
  • Camera assistant : Tom Gineyts
  • With Michel & the employees of the ONA – Brussels

This documentary short film shows us the workshop of canework and reseating of chairs by persons with visual impairment, working in a  adapted workompany in Brussels. We follow Michel through his visual, sound and tactile perceptions.